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Playboy boss almost died in bed

Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, 83, almost died once while having a ball in bed with four of his girlfriends.

The octogenarian, who is presently dating Crystal Harris and twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, said he choked on a sex toy during the episode, reports contactmusic.com.

“What is the closest I’ve come to death? There was a moment when I was having sex with four playmates and I almost swallowed a ball,” he said.

Hefner said he enjoys spending nearly all his time in bed: “My most treasured possession is my rotating round bed. I don’t have dinner parties – I eat my dinner in bed. I relax with my girls in bed, just watching a movie and having a good time. If I had to dress up in fancy dress, I’d wear my pyjamas.”

Part Time Maids

Sunday is supposed to be their day-off but some Filipino maids have worked "overtime" to make extra income.

The maids were found to be working at night entertainment outlets in Kuala Lumpur as guests relations officers (GROs).

This was discovered by enforcement officers from the Immigration Department during a raid at a disco in Bukit Bintang on Sunday.

They arrested 13 Filipino GROs, aged between 30 and 40, and were shocked to find out these women had weekday jobs as domestic workers.

The women were among 47 people detained in a series of operations at entertainment outlets and massage centres in the city.

Also arrested were 32 China nationals including three men who worked at three massage parlours in Kepong.

The others picked up were a Bangladeshi waiter and a 30-year-old massage parlour operator.

The foreigners were being investigated for misusing the work permit and would be deported if found to have violated the work permit conditions. -DC

Men losing interest in sex?

Men are increasingly being used by men to put off sex, according to a survey.

The new poll by independent charity the Men's Health Forum has found that 15 per cent of men aged between 18 and 59 admitted to a "lack of interest in sex".

Relationship-counselling service Relate has revealed that there's a 40 percent increase in the number of men saying they had gone off sex, compared with 10 years ago.

All the above men with low libido don't face any physical problems; it's just that they do not want to have sex.

Research has found that the growing trend of the drop in male desire is a direct result of women's changing role in society.

Men get overwhelmed with the modern woman, who is confident and comfortable with her own sexual needs and desires.

Apart from that men are bombarded with an overload of sexual images on the Internet, cable TV and in magazines, so much so, that it may be leading them to prefer the ever-ready fantasy to the reality.

Renowned Chicago-based relationships therapist Michele Weiner-Davis caused a furore in the US by claiming that at least 25 per cent of all men suffer from low desire.
It was, "America's best-kept secret," UK's The Sun quoted her as saying. Michael Gilbert, author of The Disposable Male , said: "Western men feel marginalised."

"In a third of American homes where both partners work, women earn more than men. This tears at the fabric of male sexuality."

"And the problem is further worsened by the number of overworked men who are turning to alcohol to relax after work, and it has been revealed earlier that booze interferes with testosterone."

Phillip Hodson, a psychotherapist and author of Men: An Investigation Into The Emotional Male , said: "Sex is all about play."

"Libido comes out of a moment of idleness and down time. But British men work the longest hours in Europe. Sex and the clock don't go well together."

"Men drink because it's a short-cut to relaxation - but alcohol dampens the libido. - DC

Penis size measuring device

Men's instinctive concern over penis size will soon be discussed more openly, or even boasted about in Thailand, with the soon to be introduced official penis measuring device.

The device, a disposable paper measuring tape which is about to be launched under the Public Health Ministry's "Condom for All" campaign, will tell guys which size condoms will give them the best comfort and protection.

Measure of manhood...The disposable paper tape used to measure the width of penis
The tape records widths of between 49 and 56 millimetres - covering the "Thai penis size standard", said Dr Somyos Kittimankhong of the Department of Disease Control's (DDC) anti-Aids division.

The Nation reported that he, however, did not mention how men with smaller or larger sized members could take part in his department's upcoming survey of penis sizes.

The campaign was launched in response a spike in the number of gay men and sex workers contracting HIV.

A 200 million Baht (RM20 million) budget has been approved for a countrywide drive to give away free condoms to gay men and males and females aged 1525, with a special focus on ensuring that people wear the rightsize protection.

"Larger size condoms can slip off or deaden the pleasure during sex, while smaller ones will cause discomfort to wearers.

"These factors dissuade people from using condoms - which encourages the spread of HIV/Aids," said Dr Somyos.

The condom campaign is in response a spike in the number of gay men and sex workers contracting HIV

"Making goodfitting condoms available will be useful in dealing with the reemerging HIV/Aids problem as well as promoting the widespread practice of safe sex in Thailand," he said.

The DDC's statistics showed that HIV infection rates among gay men going for testing were 17 per cent in 2003, 28 per cent in 2005 and 32 per cent in 2007, a rise that has prompted warnings of a second wave of HIV/Aids infection.

The campaign is aimed at cutting infection rates in half by 2011.

Once approved, more than 7,000 district administrations will be asked to participate in promoting the practice of safe sex and in distributing the free condoms.

Too shy to buy condoms

One out of 10 men said in a recent survey they have had unprotected sex because they were too embarrassed to buy condoms from a pharmacy.
This is the finding of an online pharmacy mastersdirect.com , revealing people's opinions about their most embarrassing health problems.

The results revealed that the high street pharmacy can be a 'humiliation hot-spot' for people confronting their embarrassing health issues. The most toe-curlingly embarrassing products were voted to be: condoms, incontinence pants and personal lubricants.

Besides, almost 50 percent of the population has suffered a health problem like thrush (candidiasis of the oral cavity; seen mostly in infants or debilitated adults) in silence rather than face the embarrassment of seeking medical attention.

A quarter has simply walked out of a pharmacy because they were too embarrassed to ask for a particular health product, said a release of mastersdirect.com.

Thrush creams, tampons and pregnancy tests also made people feel conspicuous. In an attempt to hide their embarrassment over their purchases, well over a third had even bought something they didn't need as a 'cover-up'.

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