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Miss Universe contestants scandal

CYBERSPACE has erupted with talk of two Miss Universe contestants involved in a threesome with a fine arts photographer.

Miss Universe Japan 2008 Hiroko Mima and Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2008 Anya Ayoung-Chee are said to have had sex with Anya’s boyfriend Wyatt Gallery, and with each other.

Some websites even claim to have an intimate video of the alleged sexual escapades of the trio.

One website claimed it had four videos, along with pictures, of the two girls and Wyatt “having a really good time.”

The website also made comaprisons with Carrie Prejean, a former Miss California who lost her crown following the release of her semi-nude photos. Later on, the discovery of a sex tape featuring Prejean created more controversy.

The website said: “Carrie Prejean may be getting an offer for a one-time payment to allow her solo tapes to be sold and distributed, but Hiroko and Anya should get full-time contracts. These two girls are pros.”

A Miss Universe pageant spokesman responded to the scandal by saying: “This was apparently eight months after the pageant and neither were the reigning titleholder.

The photographer is not a Miss Universe staffer so we have nothing to say or any involvement, thank goodness.”

Celebrity website TMZ, however, said the sex tape was only half as authentic.

The website claimed to have spoken to Gallery who said the footage was stolen from his laptop in an attempt to sabotage Anya’s career.

According to TMZ, Gallery confirmed Anya was in the video. However, the other woman was not Hiroko but “just a really, really, really close friend.”

“I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself ... because this was a private moment that was never supposed to be made public. This was an intentional, malicious sabotage against Anya and her career ... and I feel stupid for not deleting the files off of my computer,” Gallery told TMZ.

The footage is believed to have been shot in New York in 2007.

Hiroko attended Nihon University and her major is physical education.

Shortly after losing her grandmother, who died when she slipped on the bathroom floor, Mima lost her father in a car accident before winning Miss Universe Japan 2008.

Anya hails from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, born in the very cosmopolitan city of Port-of-Spain, the only girl in a family of eight, according to Wikipedia.

From an early age she pursued classical ballet training. However, it was during her attendance at an all girls secondary school that she discovered her true calling lay in art and design.

She continued her education in London and New York, gaining experience in Graphic and Interior Design.

For the record, Venezuela’s Stefania Fernandez, 18, made history, beating 82 competitors to win the Miss Universe crown in August for her country’s second consecutive victory. - DC


kenwooi said...

ah.. scandal..
they are everywhere.. =D


Aezlika said...

these 2 gals are pro at wat? O.O pageant?

Nik Mohd Afiq said...

just now..most famous people have scandal..hybridcrab a famous too..so,that u have scadal too hybridcrab?hahah..just joke..

c0co said...

scary >.< ~*

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

Don't care bout the scandals but the Miss Korea are gorgeous..but the Miss Japan, she don't resemble any Asian look..but more to African lineage..

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