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Too shy to buy condoms

One out of 10 men said in a recent survey they have had unprotected sex because they were too embarrassed to buy condoms from a pharmacy.
This is the finding of an online pharmacy mastersdirect.com , revealing people's opinions about their most embarrassing health problems.

The results revealed that the high street pharmacy can be a 'humiliation hot-spot' for people confronting their embarrassing health issues. The most toe-curlingly embarrassing products were voted to be: condoms, incontinence pants and personal lubricants.

Besides, almost 50 percent of the population has suffered a health problem like thrush (candidiasis of the oral cavity; seen mostly in infants or debilitated adults) in silence rather than face the embarrassment of seeking medical attention.

A quarter has simply walked out of a pharmacy because they were too embarrassed to ask for a particular health product, said a release of mastersdirect.com.

Thrush creams, tampons and pregnancy tests also made people feel conspicuous. In an attempt to hide their embarrassment over their purchases, well over a third had even bought something they didn't need as a 'cover-up'.


kitkat said...

Malaysians are too narrow minded..they should all open up a little more( no insult intended)...

Jessen said...

lol... If no other customer around, it's ok. Else, it's really embarrassing. :p

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