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Why women settle for less sex

You said no to him yesterday; today you plan to tell him you have a headache. It's not that you don't want it, because you do. So then what's stopping you?
According to Dr Uddhav Raj, a gynaecologist, women have a tendency to have high expectations from their partners. "And if their expectations aren't met, they prefer having less sex. On the other hand, all men want is to have sex and get an orgasm as fast as possible," he says.
Our expert tells us the top five reasons why women settle for less sex.

Low body image

Women will go to any extent to keep their bodies in perfect shape and this can lead to disorders. "They want to look perfect while having sex and being overly self-conscious about one's appearance can be extremely damaging to their sex lives," adds Dr Raj.

Scared to experiment

Women are generally scared to attempt new ways of having sex. "Some of them dislike the idea of mutual masturbation, oral sex and dirty talk. So, they tend to have sex less frequently in order to avoid trying new things," adds Dr Raj.

Lack of communication

In many cases, women may not be enjoying sex with their partners, as a result of which they remain sexually unsatisfied. But out of fear of hurting their partners, they end up not disclosing this. Gradually, they even make up stories to avoid having sex.

Stressed out

Women have to handle many things like work, the household and kids. By the end of the day, they are so exhausted that nothing seems nicer than a good night's rest! Not even sex!

Feeling anxious

Women like pleasing their partners completely without compromising on anything. So when they feel they will not be able to do so, they prefer not having sex rather than disappointing their partner.

Now that you know the possible hurdles, get over them. Talk it out with your partner. It's important to overcome these obstacles and enjoy mutual comfort with your partner to enjoy a good sex life.


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