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Drunk woman rubs her butt & dance with cop

A 48-year old woman in Bayou George, Florida tried to prevent a policemen from arresting her for drink-driving by trying to dance with him and rubbing her buttocks on his leg.

She pulled up near where Bay County's deputy Sheriff Randy Grob's car was parked in a church compound at about 5.30am last Saturday.

Verleen Anglin of Panama City was later charged with drink-driving

The woman, whose eyes were red and weeping wound down her window and offered to survey his home or any other property he owned.

According to newsherald.com, the woman that began to back into oncoming traffic.

When Grob tried to stop her, she continued to back up, forcing other cars to slow or stop. As Grob approached her car, she said she knew what he needed and pulled out a steakhouse menu.

Grob saw a vodka bottle on the passenger's seat, an overturned can of mixed nuts, and a wine glass on the floor. A second nearly empty bottle and another bottle of apple mixer in the car.

Other deputies arrived, and as Grob briefed them, the woman later identified as Verleen Anglin of Panama City, came out of the car.

When Grob told her to perform a roadside sobriety test and a one-leg stand, the woman began to dance. Sje grabbed him and twirled herself several times and attempted to rub her butt on his legs.

She was then handcuffed and taken to the station where she refused to provide a sample. Anglin was later charged with drink-driving.


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